Christy Sigler - Experienced Advocate for our Families.

Christy has had a lifetime of Conservative conviction.

Christy was raised with the Conservative values of work hard, be honest and treat others as you wish to be treated - like so many of us in Rutherford County Tennessee's 34th District.

Christy firmly believes in service to our country and our community.

Christy has a lifetime of service to our country and our community.

Christy will be a Zealous Advocate for our Families

Christy was appointed by Gov. Haslam to the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth in 2011, then reappointed in 2014. Christy has a servant's heart advocating to improve the quality of life for children and families and provides leadership and support for child advocates across the state.

Christy will be Accessible

We've all grown tired of our elected officials coming around only during election season when they want financial support. Christy pledges to accessible to our community.